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About Us

Shuddha Philosophy

Raghav & Devika (the founders at Shuddha) realize that irrespective of how much you move and how healthy you eat - one still suffers the ill effects of pollution, hormones and antibiotics in poultry and deadly pesticides and chemicals on the fruit and vegetables we consume in a modern day diet. We wake up early, eat seasonal and organic for the most part and don’t believe in additives, added sugars or preservatives. The brand philosophy echoes our personal philosophy in the sense that we believe in eating mindfully all year round instead of taking to detoxes and juice only cleanses. Shuddha Foods aims to fortify your immune system, build your defense against pathogens, bacteria and other nasties like effluents and pollution so as to minimize some of the damage. We use ingredients such as celery, berries, turmeric, lemon, coconut oil to balance the body, maintain a healthy pH balance and reduce oxidative stress on the body.


Wellness enthusiasts Devika and Raghav Modi decided to create an all encompassing health food brand called Shuddha that would promote healthy eating all year around. The focus isn’t on stringent detoxes and quick fixes, but on elixirs and tonics that you can supplement your diet with on an everyday basis. At Shuddha, we encourage you to incorporate highly nutritious products into your daily lifestyle, rather than one-off binge healthy eating. We are trying to create an interactive platform on our website and social media channels so that the consumer can stay abreast of the latest in the food and nutrition news as well as know exactly what they are consuming and know how it benefits them. We encourage people to limit their intake of processed foods that contain preservatives, additives, gluten, dairy and refined sugars that cause inflammation in the body over years of consumption. The dairy that we consume today is laced with estrogen, antibiotics and stress hormones that disrupt the body’s natural endocrine balance (hormonal balance).


As the name suggests, the brand tries to incorporate everything that is pure, unadulterated and available seasonal for the most part. All the products are pure, 100% natural and in keeping with the Shuddha philosophy of ‘live free.’ This means all the juices, smoothies and milks are free from chemicals, preservatives, dairy, gluten, additives, sugar and GMO. The recipes have been painstakingly curated, researched for the best combinations for palatability and enhanced assimilation of nutrients. If you go through our repertoire you will find that we try and focus on superfoods that are available locally, but also try and harness the nutritional powerhouses from superfoods like Acai, spirulina so as to give your body the antioxidant boost that it needs.


About the founders

Devika Modi is a wellness and fitness enthusiast and has been trying to strike a balance between eastern and western principles of nutrition and medicine to create a holistic regimen for herself and her family. She studies extensively on nutrition and attends workshops to expand her knowledge base on food as medicine.


Devika spent a fair amount of time in London as she studied at Cheltenham College in England and graduated from the London School of Economics with a Bachelor of Science and a Masters degree in Management. She worked in London for several years as an investment banker with Standard Chartered before she moved back to New Delhi. Her skills from her financial background coupled with her passion for health and nutrition are a perfect marriage that helps her spearhead the initiative that is Shuddha Foods.


Raghav Modi is a fitness enthusiast and also the co-founder of Sumaya, the specialized personal training studio based out of two locations in Delhi and one in the Himalayas. Sumaya, founded by Sumaya Dalmia is a state of the art personal training studio that has an outfit at Ananda Hotels and Resorts in Rishikesh. Sumaya focuses on functional training and holds fitness retreats and bootcamps in outdoor locations including one at Ananda. He loves outdoor sports, adrenalin fueled activities and has completed many marathons and triathlons. Raghav spent a large part of his childhood on the track and field and was recognized for both athletics and Tennis on a national level at Modern School Vasant Vihar. He moved to Texas for University to study Economics and Finance from the Southern Methodist University.


Anirudh Khaitan is the investor at Shuddha Food because he sees a huge opportunity in the health food market in India. A serial entrepreneur, Anirudh is regarded as a highly successful and passionate individual who has been able to develop successful and scalable solutions that have resulted in monumental growth in companies that he has associated himself with. He is currently serving in the capacity of the vice- chairman of the Khaitan Education Center as well as an investor at Shuddha foods and Sumaya.

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